Your Dog Has Superpowers You Probably Never Knew About

You probably will get surprised when you know that your pet dog can be a superhero. Dogs enjoy some unbelievable superpowers that even exceed the powers of the fictional tale superheroes. Here are a few of these superpowers.

1- Natural Disasters Prediction

Despite the numerous studies trying to figure out how it works, till now no one knows how dogs can predict natural disasters before they happen. It has been noticed that dogs start to act strangely and show unusual behavior like continuous barking or movement directly before a natural disaster happens like earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and so on. What scientists reached so far is that dogs can sense the slight changes in the frequency of the atmosphere before the natural disaster and this simply drives them crazy.

2- Illness Detection

Well, that is a superpower that even superman will not have. Dogs are found to be able to use their strong smell and sniffing to distinguish between healthy and sick individuals. They can distinguish between a human with healthy breath or urine and stool samples and another with illness. Studies found that they can even detect cancer by sensing the biological changes that happen due to this disease.

3- GPS Power!

Dogs have the power of knowing the way without needing a map or a GPS like us humans. They can even take roads that they have never been to and still go back home without being lost. Studies have found that this is due to the super sense of smell that dogs have. They can trace the smell of their owner and their territory for long distances using only their noses.


Cat, Horse, Dog - three animals that are loved by many people around the world. Cats are often known for their independent nature and their ability to groom themselves. They are also great hunters and are skilled at keeping mice and other pests at bay. Horses, on the other hand, are known for their strength and endurance. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and are often used for transportation, recreational riding, and even in competitions.

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