You Think You Know about Dogs .. Well, Think Again!

Dogs are Man’s best friend. They are the most loyal companion you can ever have. They play with you, care about you, fight for you, and even sometimes die for you. But you surely know all that. However, there are many things that you might not know about dogs. Here are a few of them.

Dogs Feel Jealousy but Do Not Feel Guilt

Despite the fact that the idea that dogs or even any animal can have emotions and feel might be surprising to some people (which is surprising in itself!), not only do dogs have emotions and feelings, they basically have most of the emotions humans feel, like joy, anger, disgust, jealousy, fear, and even love. However, there are a few emotions that are a bit complex for dogs to feel, such as contempt, shame, and guilt. Although many can argue that their dogs looked as if they felt guilty when they were scolded for doing something wrong, scientists found that this is not feeling any guilt but it is only our interpretation of the dog’s reaction to being scolded.

When Dogs Sleep They Usually Have Dreams

You might have noticed that your dog sometimes moves or makes sounds while it is asleep. The reason for that is simply that your dog is dreaming. Scientists found out that, structurally, a dog’s brain is similar to that of humans, and when a dog sleeps, it goes through the same stages of sleep that humans go through.

No Two Dogs Are the Same

Like there is a fingerprint or an eyeprint that can differentiate between humans, dogs can be differentiated by their nose prints. Scientists have found that each dog has its unique pattern of creases and ridges on its nose  that cannot be found in any other dog.


Cat, Horse, Dog - three animals that are loved by many people around the world. Cats are often known for their independent nature and their ability to groom themselves. They are also great hunters and are skilled at keeping mice and other pests at bay. Horses, on the other hand, are known for their strength and endurance. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and are often used for transportation, recreational riding, and even in competitions.

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